Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Capstone progress

So I have a capstone for the fall now! As it turns out, I will be using both of the skills I mentioned from my last entry in the final version.

So here's how it's going to fall. I'll do a package every other week, and these will be under a deadline. At the beginning of the semester, I'll work under a deadline of two days for these packages. As the semester moves on, I'll work towards reducing the amount of time for each package. Also as the semester goes on, I'll have to use VJ gear for some of these packages. The gear will come in midway through the semester, after I've done a few packages, but before I reduce the deadline. By the end, I'll be using both a reduced deadline AND the VJ gear to produce my packages. Later tonight I'll be putting together a specific schedule for the next semester.

That's all well and good, but what do I get out of it that's tangible? Well, I'll put together a resume tape that already demonstrates work that would be close to the deadlines I'd face in a real job. And to help give me feedback on the process and packages, in addition to the department professors, I have also lined up a professional producer from a local TV station. She's a person that I've worked with before at a past internship, so I know that I can trust her to be perfectly honest with me in terms of how well I've put the package together.

It is what it is! (Hope I don't have to say that seriously anytime soon!)

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Brad Weaver, BC Instructor said...

WARNING- COLD WET MONDAY coming our way...but have fun!