Saturday, October 13, 2007

And that's a warp!

No, this title isn't a typo, it really kind of describes the way I feel this weekend.

Let's start back where I left off earlier this week. Firstly, producing, as expected, kept me hopping for most of the week, but that's taken care of FINALLY. I can also be completely assured that I'll be finishing Capstone this year, which is a wonderful feeling! (thank you Weaver!)

So Wednesday came (day before the show) and I suddenly realized that I was far better off than I thought I was in terms of putting things together for the show. Thursday, after my morning class, I ended up living in the newsroom, like I knew I would, and put the rundown etc. all together. With Nicky's generous and most talented help, I ended up having everything put together and ready to go by the time we all gathered for the run-through. Despite a few personnel problems, and a few technical ones too, the show went off very well. Weaver gave me some compliments and some advice for the next time I produce which comes later in the semester. and Friday, I took a test in my Poli. Sci. class and about died afterwards, I had gotten myself SOOO keyed up about the last night. Hence why I feel like it's a warp right now. Awful pun, but if you were as tired as I was yesterday, you'd understand.

This week is much nicer; I only have a package to do, so it'll be MUCH less hectic. Here's to the continuing adventures on the County Line.

On a related note, thank GOD for weekends!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Aftermath of the anchor desk...

So only a quick update for now, cuz it's a busy day.

Firstly, my first stint as anchor on the County Line was aMAZing. And in a good way too! The butterflies didn't act up at ALL until the one-minute call, and even then they went away pretty darn fast. Weaver approved as well, so I take that seriously, and take it to heart.

Next on the list of things for me to do: produce this week! That's keeping me busy enough right now, so I'm gonna leave this post extremely short for now while I deal with that. I'll update soon, however, so all you avid readers, don't go far!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

More from the news!

OK so it's been a while since my last post, so let's see... how can I bring everyone back up to speed?

Firstly, I have (mostly) passed my comp exam, which means I get to graduate after all! YAY! B.Weave still wants to see some more of my shooting, so that'll come in a bit.

Second, I found out since last I wrote, that I WILL get a chance to anchor for the County Line this semester after all! I'll be working with Shayna both times, which I think will be really awesome, if the glider packages are any indication. Oops, hang on a sec.... (goes and does a radio talk break)

So anyway, where was I...? Right, so our glider packages went really well, despite technical difficulties the day of the show. So it should be fun! Remember, you can catch me on the air this week at 7:30 anchoring on The County Line. At the very least, you'll get a laugh at my expense, although I hope that I do better than that.

Hmmmmm, what else? Ah, next week I'm producing the show, which will be interesting. I've done it once before, without Weaver there for half the week, so I think I can handle it this time around.

Other than that, life rolls on here, stress from classes etc. as usual, so that's nothing new. Just more of it already. I'll be very happy when the end of this month rolls around; my independent study and my Wellness class will be over with, and that'll be glorious.

Keep in touch; I'll fill you all in on my first anchoring experience at the end of the week!