Saturday, October 13, 2007

And that's a warp!

No, this title isn't a typo, it really kind of describes the way I feel this weekend.

Let's start back where I left off earlier this week. Firstly, producing, as expected, kept me hopping for most of the week, but that's taken care of FINALLY. I can also be completely assured that I'll be finishing Capstone this year, which is a wonderful feeling! (thank you Weaver!)

So Wednesday came (day before the show) and I suddenly realized that I was far better off than I thought I was in terms of putting things together for the show. Thursday, after my morning class, I ended up living in the newsroom, like I knew I would, and put the rundown etc. all together. With Nicky's generous and most talented help, I ended up having everything put together and ready to go by the time we all gathered for the run-through. Despite a few personnel problems, and a few technical ones too, the show went off very well. Weaver gave me some compliments and some advice for the next time I produce which comes later in the semester. and Friday, I took a test in my Poli. Sci. class and about died afterwards, I had gotten myself SOOO keyed up about the last night. Hence why I feel like it's a warp right now. Awful pun, but if you were as tired as I was yesterday, you'd understand.

This week is much nicer; I only have a package to do, so it'll be MUCH less hectic. Here's to the continuing adventures on the County Line.

On a related note, thank GOD for weekends!