Thursday, October 16, 2008

Up and coming....

This week, out topic shifts from current professionals we admire to people the we admire who are still rising through the ranks of broadcasting here at Westminster College. The first person who came to mind when I started thinking was Ryan Hitchcock. This year Ryan has dove headlong into all the craziness that the BC department creates, and he’s come out of it doing well on all counts.

The first incident that came to mind was when I was shooting my first story of the year. When the photographer who I had asked to come with me on a shoot stood me up, I asked Ryan if he’d be willing to come along, and he accepted. As it turned out, the shots that he gave me were not only good of their own accord, but were probably better than the first person who shot for me.

He has also lately been taking over the role of technical director for the County Line, a job that is very demanding and fairly unforgiving as well, but he’s taken it on with great skill and is already doing well after only a few weeks in the position. Even if he’s not one of the most recognizable faces on the County Line, I’m pretty sure he’ll play a big role in the future of the show.

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