Sunday, February 17, 2008

Weather Woes

This week was definitely another object lesson in how packages can go awry, when NONE of it was your fault. This time, it's the weather that decided to make my life difficult.

Tuesday we had a huge snowstorm, and although we still had classes one of the people I was going to interview who lives off-campus couldn't make it in to campus to have an interview that day, so I couldn't get him in front of a camera. The second person I had contacted also called that day saying that due to the weather and other circumstances, she's be too busy to actually have time for an interview. Argh.

Friday things started to work out though. I got two of the interviews I needed (though I think the audio on one is crap, but that can fortunately be fixed easily.)

So this story's kind of in limbo at the moment. By tomorrow at noon, I'll have a decision on whether or not it'll go forward for this week. I think chances are good that it can though.

Looking forward now, this'll be a fun week. I'll be back behind the anchor desk on Thursday for the third edition of the County Line this semester, anchoring with Amanda C. We're both psyched for it, too, so it should be great. If you want to know if my package turns out in time, watch the show on Thursday!

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Brad Weaver, BC Instructor said...

You'll need to focus your entries more to your mission/project. I'm not sure if a prospective employer would get much out of an entry like this weeks. While it's reflective, it's not connected for me back to what you're want to do or doing.