Friday, February 1, 2008

Wrapping it up and starting ALL over

So the last few days at WOOD were absolutely awesome. I got to go out on a VO/SOT my last day there, and this time the opposite thing happened again, but in a better way. The expectation here was that the story would be a non-event and we'd come back with a significant feeling of blah.

Not so, as it was. The event we went to was a speaker at Calvin College. He was talking about a medical procedure he pioneered in order to allow a family to take care of this SEVERELY disabled person. The treatment had a LOT of thought put into it, and was eventually approved.

However, a group of people from disabled person's advocacy organization were outside of the speech protesting his methods, and they were disabled (yet functional) themselves.

And then after that, I went back and had lunch with the news director and the rest of the interns. That was one of the best learning experiences I had there, becuase she shared a lot of wisdom gleaned from her experience with us, some of it I will remember for a good long while. After that, I just said my goodbyes as people left for the day, and I was really surprised with the friendliness of people as I was leaving. That only confirmed my plan that by this time five years from now, I want to be back at WOOD, but this time, being paid. *grin*

And that about wraps the internship up; I'm back at Westminster now, and getting back to the grind of college life. I have no radio time this year, but I'll have a TON of time on the TV station, so it'll be interesting for sure to work in TV more this year. Anyway, thanks again to EVERYONE at WOOD. I'm hoping to keep in touch, and hope to drop in again at some point when I get back to Michigan.

More WC BC adventures coming soon!

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Brad Weaver, BC Instructor said...

Now that the internship's over, what direction will your blog take?