Thursday, August 16, 2007

One crazy week...

It's blog time again!

So this week has been a bit wild, to say the least. Saturday I was out all day on stories at WKBN with Herb Tinsley, and we hit every county that's in the viewing area, except for one. We made up for that however, by going to BUTLER County instead for the memorial service of the woman and her two daughters who were killed in Connecticut. The mother has her roots back here in that area so we went out to localize that story a bit.

Then Monday hit, and it marks the beginning of a week in which I will likely not stop for much time at all. After working my usual shift at Titan Radio during the day, I went to the Lawrence County Fair with Pam to open up our fair coverage for the first day. This is Health and Wellness Week on Titan Radio, which means we'll be having a few bits about health-related topics, and since the people at the Jameson Health System booth are sharing their space with us, we have a lot about their programs as well.

I ended up staying late at WKBN last night as well, since I was working on editing my own version of a package that I went out on earlier that day. I don't know how it turned out necessarily, but I'm sure I'll get some feedback waiting for me by the time I get back there on Saturday, which will ALSO be a crazy day, since I have to book it back to the Lawrence County fair again afterwards for the last day of our fair remote with Titan Radio.

That's about all I have for now, there's a rant going on down the hall, and I have news writing to get back to!

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