Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ends and Beginnings

So last week. End of my internship, and beginning of me last year (probably) at Westminster. Now that my kind of cryptic title is explained, let's look at this closer.

Firstly, the internship. I decided ahead of time not to make such a big deal about finishing it. I mean, I was the intern, no big deal, they'd not be missing me for too long. Well, I was floored when I left. EVERYone in that newsroom was really nice in wishing me well, and complimenting me about what I had done there. Now I don't intend to be self-congratulatory there, I know I could have done better in some places, but I got some nice send-offs from people there, even from those I hadn't done as much with. So (in no real order) Whitney, Dave, Joe, JP, Roxann, Maggie, Marty, Herb, and all the rest, thanks so much for making my internship better than I had ever hoped for.

And now I'm back for my last year at Westminster. I'll be diving back into my broadcasting work with a new energy for life, knowing I have a field to get into, and goals that I DEFINITELY want to work for. Also, my fraternity is diving into the year and we have a new energy there as well, which I definitely will try to be a bigger part of this time around. Capstone begins today, so it all begins again.

More from the crazy college broadcaster's world later!


Brad Weaver, BC Instructor said...

You can never go wrong with emphasizing networking-- keeping in touch is vital.

Heather Storm said...

I didn't know you interned at KBN. I did too. They were awesome!