Tuesday, January 15, 2008

2nd week

OK, so the daily part went out the window for a bit, but that's partly because there's been a good bit of excitement since then. Granted there's been some monotony mixed in as well, but that's not unreasonable either.

So let's go over what I've been doing over the past few days.

First, I got the chance to go out and represent the station at two meetings and put together two VO/SOTs for WOOD. Well, actually only one VO/SOT. The other story was dryer than the Gobi Desert, so it was turned into a VO. BARELY.

I did the writing for them as well, and they both went on largely without being changed by the producers, which was GREAT to see. I also got some firsthand experience at the second one, about how a story does NOT turn in to what you expect it to be.

I FINALLY got a chance to put together a package which I'll be able to bring with me to use in the future for a resumé tape. I used the VO/SOT I went to first (the good one) for the package. While I was out there, Dan Salas, the photog who was out with me shot a stand-up for me, which I used in the package. Now all I have to do is get name CGs in there. I hope to be able to add them in before I go, so they have the station's authentic CGs, but otherwise, I'll add them in myself. Wait, hold that thought, just got that question answered. I'll have the real thing in there tomorrow.

I also finally had the chance to go out on a live shot yesterday. The live truck which usually only holds two people was sent out to meet us after a report and photog and I had already left, so that's how we pulled that off. I got a chance to see a package get put together.

((Dear God, as I'm trying to write this the phones are ringing off the freakin' hook! Granted it IS primary day here in Michigan, but DAMN.))

And that's the biggest news from last week. THIS week promises to be even MORE interesting. I will be doing a mock newscast tomorrow night which promises to be a LOT of fun, and that will also be something I can take with me to use for a resumé. I thought that would be the highlight of the week, but I may have been wrong. I just today found out that I'll be our rep in Kalamazoo counting votes for the primaries tonight!

Anyway, that about brings you all back up to speed. I'll be reporting back in (no pun intended) later on tonight!

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