Monday, January 7, 2008

Rest of Day 3

So anyway, day 3: where was I? Right...

I again went out with Patrick Center on a decidedly less sexy story, about (ready for this shocker?) Michigration! We went and spoke with three people, and got some really interesting angles on a not-so-interesting story.

1) We talked to a woman who's working on a construction company project here in Grand Rapids, and she told us about her concerns with the job market in Michigan. Her income was going down, and her expenses were going up, and none of it was her doing. She didn't want to leave Michigan but is seriously concerned that she may have to.

2) We talked to a woman who owns a hair salon in Belding (nice 45 minute drive there) who told us about her grandson. He grew up here in Michigan but was forced to move out of state to get a good job. He still has a job there, but said he felt like a traitor for leaving Michigan.

3) Lastly we talked to an economics professor at Grand Valley State University who gave us details on exactly what parts of the state are being affected, and where and why the population loss is occurring throughout the state.

Day 4 happened and caused the interruption in my last post, so I'm gonna pause here and take care of it in my next post.


Brad Weaver, BC Instructor said...

Were the Wisconsin tornados near you?

Alex said...

Not really, but we did pick up enough awful weather that watches and warnings were isseud all across the viewing area (no coutny was left out) and one was operating under a tornado warning, for which we cut into normal programming.