Tuesday, January 8, 2008

4 and 5

So we're gonna combine these two since they were largely unremarkable. Not BAD, just unremarkable. Saturday I went out with Emily Zangaro on a story about an older lady who drove her friends to appointments, etc. wherever they needed to go. The hook? Her car was stolen and wrecked from the garage it was being repaired in. Not the best story, but it did have some emotion to it. This woman isn't exactly in peak shape herself, and still she's helping out her friends. I came back and then spent the time working in the newsroom for the rest of the night. I also went out again (had a little cabin fever) and went along to a VO, where a local party store-type-place was held up. That was about the stretch of Saturday.

Sunday was the first of my only two days off, but we don't care about that for the purposes of this blog.

Monday I was back, and spent another day that was generally uneventful, but still felt like I did some good work. I spent a lot of time at the assignment desk again, and also watched the production of the 5 PM show, and stood in on the 6 PM in the studio. In other news (no pun intended) one of the other interns for this semester started yesterday as well, so it was very cool getting to meet her, too.

The dry stuff's out of the way now, and here's why the rush: Watch for the next post, the good stuff's coming up!

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Brad Weaver, BC Instructor said...

I'm enjoying reading the daily exploits of your internship, but add a weekly component where you can offer "deeper" assessment or reflection of "what you got out of this experience this week" or "what were you able to accomplish and did you?"